Parties and Weddings

Whether you are looking for a place to host a party or animals to come to our party we hope we can help you! Weddings, birthday parties, fairs, family get togethers or anything else you can think of!

Parties at the farm-

1.5 hr to two hours time chunks. We provide picnic tables, trash cans, deck and the animals. We work on making every party not only special but unique towards your group.


Walking animals

Animal obstical course

Milking goats - ( as available)

Grooming animals


Each member in the group needs to fill out a waiver before coming to the farm.( Provided when booking. We ask of a bare minium of $200 donation for parties please realizes

this doesn't cover much so more donations are appreciated

Events off the farm

YAY zoo break. The animals LOVE going off the farm! The animals that get to leave are trained for just about everything and are excited to have fun with you no matter where you are! We love to talk details with you but please have an idea of animals that you would like at your event!

Party Animals

  • mini horse

  • mini cow

  • goats

  • sheep

  • alpaca

  • llama

  • Pigs

  • bunnies

  • chickens

  • ducks

  • Emus ( extra cost)

Off site pricing depends on number of animals, distance, decorations and time frame!

Starting at $200 bare minium donation plus travel for 3 animals