Success stories!

We love when our animals are adopted! Check out some of the many adoptions!

Willie Lou, Holly and Mistletoe all went together and are loved in their new place. Holly is learning how to pack. Mistletoe is still in our therapy program and Willie is just there for the laughs.

Guiness, Guy and Chandler went together to their new home where their jobs will be to mow the lawn and give love. Both of which they are great at. We couldn't be happier on where they landed and so excited to see them bond with their new owners!

Joker and Cloud went to their forever home in Rifle, Colorado! Where they will be the center of attention with there own room! Where they will keep up there therapy work!

Buttercup the pig went to her forever home in Elbert. Her name is now Penelope the pig and she is loving life!

Pokie, Gumpie(twins), June and Jonny( twins) and Trout also know as aspen went to their new home with the Leone family! So excited to see this family bond with these goats!

We are so thrilled to announce that Paisley and Buttercup went to their forever home! They have two alpaca brothers too! They will be able to continue their work as therapy animals for special needs kids

Reece's the alpaca went to his new home! Sven and Reece's are now the best of friends. They love their big pasture that they share with some goat friends!

Wilma and Fred

Now known as skippy and Ringo went to their new home with the Top Hogs! They will learn many tricks and be able to educate the public on potbelly pigs! We are so excited that the Top Hogs Crew add these guys. We will be seeing a lot more of them!

Rumble, Thumper, and Floppy

Good homes like this only come around once in a life time! Each animal loving kid in this family got their own bunny. Family came looking for two and left with three incredibly sweet and loving rabbits. Rumble now Pecan Pie will be learning to walk on a leash and start agility in the near future. Floppy will be a great companion and will teach his owner how to start wool project along with basic showmanship. Finally Thumper will live the high live of being a overly spoiled bunny bedroom bunny!

Wudy and Soloman

These two geldings are living the high life with a group of 4hers that are learning to work with alpaca and show! They will be living with their new best friend Rosemary. These boys deserver every ounce of love they will be getting!

Zepplin and Poof

These two boys went off to their new flock. They had always been together and the family opened their arms to both these lovely boys! They will be spoiled and live out their lifes free ranging with their hens!

Red tex

Red tex is a massive rooster with a huge heart! His retired life will be spent hanging out with his new ladies in Parker!