Most of Peachy Farms animals have been rescued from all kinds of situations. We have pulled animals off the slaughter lots and abandon lots but, we know that sometimes our farm animals need a new safe place to stay. Whether you are moving, unable to afford your animals or know animals that need help we are willing to step in.

The rescue is based on farm animals. Goats, sheep, alpaca, llama, chickens, cows, mini horses, mini equine or any other small farm animal that needs a place to go.

To Apply for any adoptable animals:

Please contact us for our help!

Everyone needs a little help every now and again!

This also means that we may have animals for adoption to approved homes.

Adoptable animals

All animals have rehoming fees. We will do a house/ranch check and make sure that the animal will fit into your life. Proper fencing, shelters, water and food access are evaluated; long with other animals on property! Remember adopting an animal is a life long commitment. If animals do not work out or situations turn bad Peachy Farms INC will retake the ownership back of the animals.

Licorice (pending)

Licorice is a gelding black suri male. This big male is amazing, goofy and let me say one of kind. He is one that will make you laugh once he warms up to you he will be

Otis and Snorts (Pending)

If you want friendly happy pigs here they are. They were on a therapy ranch and were always the highlight. The black one is Snorts the female. The spotted one is Otis the male. Both are fixed and must go together. Righ now they are being worked with on a diet plan! Truly one of a kind pigs that will make a great addition to any farm!

Elmo and Nugget

These two lovely boys were working at a nursing home before covid hit. They have been at peachy farms training and learning manners they are now ready for a new home. They love kids, adults and work great with other animals. Both are Nigerian dwarf whethers.


This maybe one of my favorite goats on the property right now. Buddy is a calm, easy going, 6 year old whether male nubian. He is so cuddly and so so so gentle. He is great for the first time goat owner! Buddy would love to go with his friend Woody.


This young gun is said to be just over a year or so old. He is a little shy but just needs some time to become your friend. He is smaller but still at least 60 pounds. He would love to go with his friend Buddy if at all possible. Whether male.