Weddings and Special events 

Bar Burros (Beer burros) or Happy hour Horses (or unicorns) 

We are so excited to be able to start offering this one-of-a-kind entertainment. For weddings or special events have a special guest wandering around with coolers full of beverages of your choice! The equine of your choice shows up, with a pack that holds two coolers and can have decorations to match your themes. 

The event holder must provide the drinks for the packs. The equine handler has a server license and will not serve underage guests (we do hold a right to id check).  We will walk the animal around your desired area. 

We do have a 2 hour limt on this unless addition animals are brought  

$300 for the first two hours and free travel with 25 miles of our location 

Additional time, animals and travel  can be quoted !