Therapy animals

Therapy Animals!

We are lucky enough to have some amazing animals that love any attention they can get. Nursing homes are what they have been training at for the last year. They spend their days at rehab centers, nursing homes and anywhere they will be welcomed. Alpaca, Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, Mini horse, Mini cow and Chicken have all been working as therapy animals.

Most of our therapy animals have been rescued from bad situations. Making this project even more dear to many hearts. They know how hard a rough situation can be to get through so they want to support anyone that needs it!

How our program works

We know that animals provide an amazing uplifting healing experience for many. We offer quite a few options so that we can help everyone who needs it! We can do community room events where everyone meets in one room and gets one- on- one time with the animals brought. We can also do room to room visits that allow patients that are bed/ room bound to get the therapy an animal brings. On top of these two options we can host a "petting zoo" outside that allows many to experience a look into farm life with the animals.

If you have any more questions please contact us! We are more than happy to answer questions and see if we are a good fit for you and your program

What us to come see you? Please contact us!

Cb and Mellie Enjoying the activity room love

CB and Marshmallow spending the after noon with the elder

Dolly Loving the ladies that give pets

Duckie Momo and his little friend

We made it to the nursing home news!!!! Little things in life

CB and Marshmallow say Merry Christmas to everyone!

Blu, Dream and Paisley had to take a break to figure out who these new animals where in the oven door!

Miss, Mary and our barn kitty in training

Clyde making a statement

Cloud getting his weekly snuggles

Baymax has the ladies all over him